Back to basics … with simplicity

Yet … another blog.

I couldn’t remember when was the last time I have written a blog post, but I really wanted to have a space to share my thoughts, express my emotion, and show my happy snaps to the world! And hence, you are reading now on Infiniticious!

Infiniticious by name and even more, Infiniticious by nature.

2015 – is a very strange year for me. I have a strong desire to get back to basics… for everything. From cars, to photography and even more to life.

I am used to be the stereotype of #allgearnoidea, from shooting with Nikon D70s all the wwpid-img_20150627_143310.jpgay to the full frame D610 that I have just sold. From the all out WRX to the Scirocco R. At the beginning of the year, I have started to ask myself, am I using them to the best of their capabilities? Probably not. I don’t do track days anymore, a 6 sec sports car will only get me into more trouble with the boys in blue. At the same time, I have found that I have not brought my camera gear out as much as I want to be. Got tired of carrying 4kg+ of gears running around, physically and mentally.

So I have decided to sell the Scirocco and .. now the D610.


I am not quitting.

Back to basics with simplicity in mind, hope that I could enjoy the things that I am once passionate again.

So, what is in it for YOU?!

Well… Infiniticious will brings you with photos, blog post, laugh, love and emotion.

Like it? Follow and stay tuned.


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