Eat – Play – Love – Melbourne Day 4

Second last day in this beautiful city… I haven’t do much today. Drove an hour and a half to Mornington Peninsula, did some casual shooting on the beach and then went to the Peninsula Hot Spring! Since I couldn’t take the camera inside the bath house, I have limited snaps to show you folks!

Model Courtesy today – Claire! Thanks for joining the INFINITICIOUS trip!


Eat – Play – Love – Melbourne Day 3

Hi Folks … here is my daily updates of the Melbourne trip.

Due to the excessive driving and late night updating photos (…excuses), I have snoozed in until midday today … Melbourne STYLE!

Wandering around town and dropped by this awesome cafe tucked inside a South Melbourne laneway – Chez Dre. It is a French inspired cafe, food is top notch and the atmosphere is even better! Would definitely recommend!

Not too many photos today, but I have visited a very unique spot for some sunset photos. Continue reading

Eat – Play – Love – Melbourne Day 2

Evening folks… it’s 1.44am now and I have just came back to the hotel not long ago… (well … not really… I have finished all the editing already… just for all of you!)

I haven’t been to the Great Ocean Road for nearly 9 years now … it is still the same! Still so breath taking!!! I have always loved this coastal drive and couldn’t find anything like this to match in Sydney today.

Just like yesterday… the travel blog bit will come later, but promised you that I will bring you all photos first! Continue reading

Eat – Play – Love … in Melbourne

Hi Folks! Sorry for another lapse in my update! Work and study have been creeping up on me and I have been very busy and sick as well.

However, I have found some time to squeeze in this Melbourne trip during my university break! Wooolala!

This is not my first time in Melbourne, in fact, I have been in Melbourne more than any other city in Australia beside Sydney and Darwin. I have always loved this place, the culture, food, and people … well let’s not go there.

I have got up at 4.30am this morning for a morning 7am flight … and I WOULD NOT do it again! That’s what you get when you book last minute and don’t want to spend big bucks. (Yes… I know you are mumbling … #cheapass)

Anyway… I wanna show you some photos first and I will update with a detailed blog post about the trip and locations later on. It is well passed 12am now and I will be driving 8+hrs tomorrow…

Ciao … until next time! Let’s Eat – Play – Love, INFINITICIOUS Melbourne Time!