Eat – Play – Love … in Melbourne

Hi Folks! Sorry for another lapse in my update! Work and study have been creeping up on me and I have been very busy and sick as well.

However, I have found some time to squeeze in this Melbourne trip during my university break! Wooolala!

This is not my first time in Melbourne, in fact, I have been in Melbourne more than any other city in Australia beside Sydney and Darwin. I have always loved this place, the culture, food, and people … well let’s not go there.

I have got up at 4.30am this morning for a morning 7am flight … and I WOULD NOT do it again! That’s what you get when you book last minute and don’t want to spend big bucks. (Yes… I know you are mumbling … #cheapass)

Anyway… I wanna show you some photos first and I will update with a detailed blog post about the trip and locations later on. It is well passed 12am now and I will be driving 8+hrs tomorrow…

Ciao … until next time! Let’s Eat – Play – Love, INFINITICIOUS Melbourne Time!

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