Indigo Double Bay

I have finally had a Saturday off from the busy work and EMBA schedule and went to visit this little cafe in Double Bay. Indigo is situated at 15 Cross Street in Double bay, a vibrant part of the suburb near the newly re-opened Intercontinental Hotel.20150718_125131

The cafe provides indoor and outdoor sitting options, since it was pretty cold this afternoon (well … apparently this is the coldest weekend in god know how many years for Sydney), we have an “Option” of dinning outdoor without the usual long wait. With the sun came out in time for our brunch, it is actually not that bad to have it outdoor.

Indigo Double Bay is famous for their extensive menu selections in comparison to the mainstream boutique cafe in Sydney that offer small menus. To be exact, there are actually four full A4 pages worth of menu items for your selections. Each to their own, but I think this is a bit of a overkill in my humble opinion. A smaller menu would be less confusing … both to their customer and their own employees.

For the healthy bunch out there, Indigo provides cold pressed juice! Seems like a growing trend within Sydney’s cafes. We have ordered a rather simple smoke salmon benedict and a thyme roasted forest mushroom rolled omelette alongside with coffees.IMG_20150718_122531

Let’s start with the egg benedict, the smoked salmon is not too salty (a plus), poach egg is cooked right and a very rich hollandaise sauce. Instead of using a normal english muffin or sourdough as the base, they have used brioche, in which I think is the highlight for this dish. For those that don’t know, brioche is a classic french bread gives a rich and slightly sweet flavour with yellow, buttery crumb. The distinction of flavour has given by the lightly salted smoked salmon, separated by the poached eggs to the sweet brioche is just a heavenly delight!

The second dish that we have ordered is the forest mushroom rolled omelette. The portion of this dish is significantly bigger and very filling! The thyme gives a lemony and minty taste to the mushroom, which infuses into the eggs as well. The egg is a little bit overcooked, I am more into a slightly under-cook omelette that give the runny feels which mix with the fillings. Oh-well, that is just me.20150718_122502

From a service perspective, it is okay. But not impressive. I do expect a little bit more engagement from staffs for a cafe in this area. I will give them 6 out of 10 for service if we need to give it a rating.

Would Infiniticious recommends Indigo Double Bay? We will, give them a try and tell us what you think! I will definitely go back for the egg benedict myself!



Indigo Double Bay

Address: 6/15 Cross Street, Double Bay NSW 2028
Phone: (02) 9363 5966


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