Salvage Specialty Coffee … the rescue squad!

This blog has published a week later than it supposed to be…. oh well. That’s my life at the moment.

Another Sunny Sunday in Sydney, my last off day before I head into a 26 days non-stop work/study schedule, I have decided I need a nice dose of coffee before this hectic 4 weeks starts.

Salvage Specialty Coffee is “sort of” my local cafe in the area, located at 5 Wilkes Ave, Artarmon. This is not the first time that I have come here, but I have promised myself
that I will write up a review for this amazing 20150726_110629little place. The location of the cafe is at a cozy alleyway next to the Artarmon train station. Majority of tables are outdoor, with the coffee bar at the front of the shop. The queue is not normally too long, but on a sunny weekend, like any famous Sydney cafes, there can be substantial waiting. You 20150726_110401have been warned!

I still remember the first time I came here, it was because I have attracted by a photo of 20150726_113035their signature cold drip bottles (I will go into this little evil later) that a friend posted on instagram. They have a small but delicious blackboard menu at the Salvage. Small menu, but covered a wide range of options and that comes with quick service as well. Another reason for a small menu is because of their specialty lies in coffee, as suggested by their name! Their bean is sourced by Artificer Specialty Coffee  in Surry hills, single origin washed bean from Huehuetenango Region called Guatemala La Maravilla. It is a 80% blend of Bolivia Coraca and 20% of Guatemala Las Illusiones. The aroma of the coffee is excellent and a strong after taste but not too acidly.

Okay, let’s talk about the food. We have ordered a Smashed Avo and a Salmon Board 20150726_113550from the menu. As suggested by it’s name, the “Smashed Avo” is a all about the avocado! Smashed avocado mixed with some roasted pine nut is a magic combination. The two poached eggs were cooked to perfection on some toasty seeded sourdough. The next dish is the Salmon board, the smoked salmon is not too salty, they have put some smashed peas with herbs on top of the salmon and that absorbed the oil from it. A very clever idea, this made the dish felt much lighter! However, I am not too sure about the licorice gel, I think it is too sweet and not complementing the dish. But that might be just me. Overall, I have still enjoyed the brunch!20150726_113403

Since I have to study in the afternoon, I have made the decision to get two bottles of20150726_115107 their signature cold drip and bring it home with me! This is a must try for all of you that goes to Salvage. Especially on a hot summer day in Sydney, having a cold drip on a ice ball is what you want to have!


That sums up my short trip to Salvage, would Infiniticious recommand them? HELL YEAH!!! Go try and let us know what you think!


20150726_110705Salvage Specialty Coffee

5 Wilkes Ave, Artarmon NSW 2064



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