My “non-expert” review of Fujifilm X-T1

Okay folks… as per my promise from the previous blog post, here is my “non-expert” review of the mighty Fujifilm X-T1. When I said “non-expert”, I really mean it. The camera is not the newest out there, and with a simple google search, you can found millions of expert reviews that wrote in any languages you want. I won’t bog down in technical details too much neither, not that they are not important, but I believe if you have landed on this page, you might know more than I do! This review will bring you with some first hand experience, biased (yes… it is not a typo, I mean biased) opinions, and mixed emotion from a enthusiast photographer.

As I have mentioned in my very first blog, the year of 2015 is a very special year to me. I have this strong desire to go back to the basics. The past ten years have gone past in a blink of eyes, I have gain a lot and at the same time, lost a lot. I am a passionate photographer, started my DSLR journey earlier than a lot of my friends within the group. However, like most of the enthusiast, I have GAS (Gears Acquiring Symptom) and become the stereotype of #allgearsnoidea. Thinking better gears will help improve my skills. Oh well… let’s leaves that topic alone for now. I haven’t notice much of an improvement with my skills, but the weight in my camera bag increased noticeably. I have started to notice that I don’t go out taking photo as much, and only take the camera out if there is a big event or “occasion”. In the last couple of months, I have started to have this desire for a camera that I can carry daily. Something that I could do simple snap shots whenever I wanted, yet still produce decent quality images.

I have started to do my research on mirrorless cameras… not long until I have met my love of first sight – Miss X-T1. I love her retro styling! She has actual dials instead of only buttons like most of the modern DSLRs. And the metal body just made me drools…. Most importantly, she is made in JAPAN! Not like most other manufacturer that have outsource their production line to Thailand and China.

At that point, I have decided to sell all my Nikon gears and enter the world of mirrorless. A full system change is just pain in the ass… excuse me for my language. IT REALLY IS!!! Beside the camera and lens, small things from flash, remote shutter release cord to filter size are different! But I must say, until now, I have no regret.

Let’s start with the styling of Miss X-T1. She comes in a magnesium-alloy body, has a true retro feeling with the dials on top (not as try hard as the Nikon Df). She made me remember the first ever camera that my dad put on my hand – indeed an old Fujica manual camera. On top of the camera, you will find the ISO dial, shutter speed dial and exposure compensation dial. The aperture ring will be on most of the XF series lenses except the XF27mm F2.8 Pan cake lens, in which, it will use the thumb dial at the back of the camera like most of the DSLRs. Look further down, there is a 3 inches LCD that can tilt on to different positions, this is particularly useful when you are taking some shots with extreme angles. The next big thing I would like to mention is the EVF (Electronic View Finder). I was quite skeptical about using EVF after all these year working with a normal VF. But I have been proofed wrong straight away! IT IS one of the best in the market! It is bright, not much delay, and most importantly, it provides all the necessary information.

I have taken Miss X-T1 out for some test shots last week, and I was amazed by her image quality. It is razor sharp, and with Fuji’s extensive experience in films, the colour reproduction is rich and impressive. You can tell… I am certainly in love with this Japanese lady!

On the flip size of the coin, she does have some shortfalls. AF performance is one, she tends to hunt a bit when she is in low light. However, it is still within an acceptable range. Battery life is another concern that I have, but then, it seems to be a common theme with all mirrorless cameras in the market. Lastly, the neck strap that came with it … is just way too flimsy. I mean.. for a flagship camera, they can certainly do better! Anyway, I have invested in some Gariz shoulder strap already (with some other Korean goodies! Stay tuned), and should be arriving soon!

So.. do I like it? YES I DO! Just need some time to learn how to master her.

Stay tuned for photos and goodies review!

Ciao for now.


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