Just received some goodies today for my Japanese lady … from Korea!

Mr Postman is the Santa for me today! Just received some goodies for my XT-1 this morning from Korea!

Gariz – a boutique camera accessories brand from the land of Asian fashion capital, Korea (arguably). I took notice of this brand since my DSLR days, but have not tried any of their product until now. Gariz, named after it’s Chief Designer’s name Gary. They are running this “Mirrorless Project” to design products for different mirrorless cameras.

DSCF2304Let’s starts with the half case, tailor made for the X-T1. It comes in a very cool box and a protective pouch.  I have chosen
the brown colour case to match the retro feels of Miss XT-1. Genuine leather has been used throughout with a metal base plate that lock onto the camera via the tripod mount. The base plate added around 5mm to the camera, which acting like a grip handle for me. It provide access to the battery and most importantly, it has another tripod mount there. This is always my grief when I was using the shoulder strap with my Nikon, since the DSCF2307screw of the strap is connecting to the tripod mount, I would need to take it off in order to put it on the tripod! This half case resolved the issue completely with the smart design. To compliment this case, I have also got a leather shoulder strap at the same time. I have always prefer a shoulder strap compare to the neck strap as I think I look like a freaking tourist when I am using the neck strap! This leather strap is very well made and looks elegant. The quick release hook from the strap simply attach to the ring on the base plate and they have called this the “Gun-Shot” function.

I have also got Miss XT-1 a wrist strap. Reason? I love to detach the camera from the shoulder strap and sometime I won’t have my shoulder strap in my day to day bag. On DSCF2312the same note, I think it makes the camera looks less intimidating when doing street photography. The quality of this wrist strap is just impressive. and very comfortable to use. It has the brand embodied on the leather and on the flip side, it carried the name of Mirrorless loud and proud.

That’s all I have for you today! If you like to get this in Australia, feel free to contact me for details!

For their full catalog, please visit: http://www.gariz.com/

Enjoy the gallery below, they have been taken by the X-T1 with 18-55mm.

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